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kepler Information Technology Injection Molding Factory Solution

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The injection molding production information management system is designed and developed by Kaipu Technology for the comprehensive management of enterprise injection molding machine equipment. It adopts a modular design and focuses on paperless and visual management of the production of related companies in the injection molding industry. The structure is flexible and adapts to the monitoring and management of various types of injection molding machines. Provide information-based overall solutions for the injection molding industry.

At present, many injection molding machine factories have several workshops on site, and each workshop has several different injection molding machine equipment. The current production plan is manually designated, and each equipment operates independently, and is operated manually, and relevant production and equipment information is manually recorded. Important data such as planning, output, process time, product type, inventory management, operating status, equipment failure alarm, failure type, failure resolution time, equipment utilization, equipment maintenance efficiency, equipment maintenance information, mold maintenance and other important data are all based on the staff's manual afterwards Recording is poor in real-time and accuracy. It lacks real-time monitoring and accurate analysis of on-site data. It is not convenient for managers to grasp the production status of the factory in real time, and it is inconvenient to further explore production efficiency and improve operating efficiency.

The production integrated monitoring and management system of the injection molding machine workshop is designed for the above problems, and is designed around the paperless management and visual management of production. The system uses real-time acquisition of field equipment signals and manual entry methods to obtain current equipment operating status, output, defective products, fault information and other data, and mark the time and duration of equipment failures, and then use management software to actually correlate the equipment The data is automatically analyzed comprehensively, so that users can understand on-site production, analyze the causes of equipment failures, improve equipment utilization, and improve benefits. This system includes the following subsystems:

1.Establish a visualization system for production status

Online display of production plan, progress, even efficiency, and work orders-visible to relevant personnel.

Generate benefits: release the production plan in real time, can immediately understand the production progress, can effectively and quickly deal with the abnormality, avoid the loss caused by the response delay, the front-line operator can understand the work order information, feedback the production line status in time, and can update the latest synchronously Process documents to avoid process errors caused by negligence and poor quality results.

2.Establish production process quality system

Real-time equipment monitoring, product process time, non-performing product statistics, testers, production date, record traceability (establish a database).

Generate benefits: Use data to speak, so that the subtle parts of the production process can be recorded, so that the quality problems in the production are invisible, and the final product production quality and production efficiency are improved.

3.Establish production plan management system

According to the planning strategy and the operation status of the field equipment, the relevant production plan is automatically generated, and the relevant production plan is automatically sent to the site after the review is passed, and the implementation of the production plan is tracked.

Generate benefits: automatically or manually arrange the production plan, real-time understanding of the production progress, when the progress is later than expected, the system will give early warning and notify the relevant management personnel for timely scheduling.

4.Establish Andon system for rapid fault response of production line

According to the type of problem (process, quality, material, personnel, etc.), directly remind the relevant Support department to quickly respond to the production failure requirements.

Generate benefits: online reminding the relevant support department to know the current problems and conditions, so as to quickly deal with the problems encountered on the production line, restore the production beat, automatically count the status of the production line equipment, and count the time of the process such as mold change.

5.Inventory management

Real-time monitoring of materials based on barcode and location.

Generate benefits: timely understand the incoming and outgoing situation of materials, automatic alarm for low stocks, and improve the efficiency of warehouse entry and exit.

6.Extension management

Realize comprehensive digital management around the repair, maintenance, operation and maintenance of equipment and molds;

Production line benefits: automatically prompts equipment and mold maintenance information, automatically counts related fault information, improves the management efficiency of equipment and molds, improves availability, and reduces production loss caused by equipment or molds.

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