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Brief Introduction

Zhejiang Kepler Technology Co., Ltd. is the leader in providing commercialization intelligent solutions for agricultural products based on AI sorting technology, freshness preservation and data prediction technology for the market.

The company currently has more than 140 employees, 4 doctors, 16 masters, 60% of whom are R & D technicians. Under the leadership of Professor Ying Yibin of Zhejiang University, kepler R&D core team devote to non-standard automation industry and the fruit & vegetable industry. Provide technology-level industry automation solutions for Chinese intelligent manufacturing. Its headquarters is located in Lishui Digital Building of Hangzhou Future Technology City, which covers an area of 6,000 m2. Kepler also has 18,000 m2 R & D and production bases in Shenzhen, Sichuan and Hunan.

Zhejiang Kepler Technology Co., Ltd. and IBE team (Zhejiang University Intelligent Biological Industrial Equipment Innovation Team) have built a joint research center. The IBE team has a number of high-level talents, such as American Agriculture and Biological Engineering Society Fellow, International Agriculture and Biological Systems Engineering Society Fellow, The European Academy of Science and the Arts Member, Specially Professor of Changjiang Scholars, Recipient of the National outstanding Youths Fund, and winner of the National Talent Program. Since 1995, IBE has been committed to the research of “lossless perception and intelligent equipment of agricultural products". The team members have won 2 first prizes of the national teaching achievements, 1 second prize of the national teaching achievements and 1 second prize of the national technical invention.

Zhejiang Kepler Technology Co., Ltd. has a complete and scientific quality management system. The company's integrity, strength and product quality are recognized by the industry. Welcome friends from all circles to visit, guide and business negotiation.
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Processing Facility

Kepler has sophisticated and advanced processing facility. We produce high quality machines in accordance with international standard relying on strong technology, innovative conception. Our enterprise aim “Create each excellent project by heart” is always kept in mind. Whether raw material chooses, or quality check in process and before delivery, Kepler people examine carefully in strict and honest attitude. We make sure final machines and projects excellent quality to keep commitment for our honored clients.
After-Sales Service
Our perfect after-sales service is a guarantee for you to choose us​​​​​​​
  • 01
    Telephone communication within 2 hours​​​​​​​
    Have an excellent after-sales service team to ensure that the first time to solve customer after-sales problems. 
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    Onsite solving within 48 hours
    We have an excellent technical team, which can be designed according to customers requirements.
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    After-sale service 24h without break 
    Have an excellent after-sales service team to ensure that the first time to solve customer after-sales problems. 

Company Structure

Company Structure: Automotive Industry Branch, Fruit and Vegetable Industry Branch
R & D Center: Automotive Industry Automation Technology Center, Fruit and Vegetable Industry Automation Technology Center, Zhejiang University & Kepler Institute of Artificial Intelligence
Production Base: Hangzhou Qingshan Lake factory one(10000m2),Yunnan Yuxi factory two(2000m2),Zhejiang University & Kepler Institute
Lishui Digital Building of Hangzhou Future Technology City Factory One
This factory is the company headquarters, a total of 10000 square meters, the factory area is 7000 m2, office is 3000m2.
This factory mainly includes the automobile industry automation technology center, the fruit and vegetable industry automation technology center, the automobile electronic machine and the fruit and vegetable industry automation machine manufacturing center.

Yunnan Yuxi Factory Two

Yunnan Yuxi factory two(Shenzhen Dingwei Technology Co., Ltd.) is mainly responsible for providing fruit and vegetable intelligent automatically sorting solution and manufacturing the intelligent sorting equipment.

Zhejiang University & Kepler Institute

Zhejiang University & Kepler Institute jointly sponsored by Zhejiang University Robot College and Kepler Science and Technology Research and Development Center is located in Robot College Industrial Park,  Zhejiang University, Yuyao City, Zhejiang Province. .
The R & D Center is supported by Professor Lu Guodong of Zhejiang University and Director of Science and Technology of Kepler. Be responsible for the research and development of core technology such as 2D/3D vision, multispectral dialysis and other sensor technology.
Technical Evolution
  • 2019
    Provide the energy-saving and environment-friendly drying system for fruits and vegetables
  • 2018
    Provide medium fruit(such as apple, pear) fruit-tray sorting solutions cooperated with Korea Hanya and Shenzhen Dingwei Technology Co., Ltd, the sorting speed is about 8pcs/s.
  • 2018
    Provide Betel nut, Palm dates, Chinese dates high speed sorting solutions.
  • 2017
    Provide assembly line automation solutions, auto DC motor assembly and testing automation solution ,auto vacuum pump assembly and testing automation solution for car seat industry.
  • 2016
    Provide loading &unloading and detecting technology solution based on robot and sensor-based for auto parts industry.
  • 2016
    Provide small fruit sorting solution based on machine vision +laser +near infrared spectrum for Palm dates, Chinese dates and betel nut industry.
  • 2015
    Hangzhou Kepler Technology Co., Ltd was established, focused on the coordinate robots, SCARA robots and 6-joint robots.
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