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ZheJiang Kepler Technology Co., Ltd

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Kepler Technology is committed to providing automation, standardization, information, security, traceability of the entire industrial 4.0 solution for the food industry .

Kepler Technology is a flexible automation solution provider with robot, machine vision and sensor technology as the core to provide the whole automatic equipment solutions. Our company is intelligent equipment company which provides fresh fruit sorting detection, automation technology, fresh sterilization technology and information technology.

Company headquarters is located in Hangzhou, at the same time in Shenzhen, Yunnan have R & D production base. We have 127 employees, 4 doctors, 16 master degrees, of which 80% are R & D personnel. The company's R & D core team, led by former Siemens chief scientist and former Foxconn chief engineer, is subdivided around fruit industries and car electronic industries,  provide international first-class technology of industry automation solutions for China's intelligent manufacture.

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