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When Xinjiang Haozao "Bingtuan Red" met Zhejiang Kaipu "Technology Blue"

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Jujube is a kind of health-care fruit with rich nutrition and sweet taste, and it has the reputation of "natural vitamin pill". As a good tonic, it is known as "eat three jujubes in the sun, and live forever".

Xinjiang's unique geographical location and abundant light and heat resources make it uniquely advantageous for jujube cultivation. Especially in southern Xinjiang, it has long sunshine hours, drought and little rainfall, large evaporation, abnormally dry air, and large temperature difference between day and night, which is very suitable for the growth of jujube. Conducive to jujube nutrient accumulation and fruit coloring.

According to 2019 data, the output of red dates in Xinjiang was 3.728 million tons, accounting for 49.09% of the national output of red dates.


As the main producing area of jujube in Xinjiang, Tumshuke is a county-level city in the autonomous region managed by the Third Division of the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps. The produced red dates have the characteristics of thin skin, thick meat, dense texture, bright color, high sugar content, soft taste, pure and sweet.


As a holding company of Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, Xinjiang Yeheyuan Fruit Industry Co., Ltd. is a green food company integrating Xinjiang red dates planting, processing, storage and sales. It is a high-quality enterprise selected into the "List of National Key Leading Enterprises in Agricultural Industrialization". The company currently has fourteen planting bases; 600,000 mu of jujube orchards; four jujube processing plants, with an annual production and processing capacity exceeding 50,000 tons.


Starting from 2020, Xinjiang Yeheyuan Fruit Industry Co., Ltd. has carried out a long-term strategic cooperation with Zhejiang Kaipu Technology Co., Ltd. in order to meet the growing demand for quality in the market and to seize the commanding heights of the commercialization of jujube products.

In order to fill the gap of "internal and external quality optimization" in the domestic jujube field, Zhejiang Kaipu Technology Co., Ltd. cooperated with the Intelligent Bio-Industry Equipment Innovation Team (IBE) of Zhejiang University. A technical sorting line for "internal and external quality optimization" of small fruits including red dates.


In the past two years, Xinjiang Yeheyuan Fruit Industry Co., Ltd. has successively adopted 12 sorting lines of "Internal and External Quality Inspection of Small Fruits" of Zhejiang Kaipu Technology, working 16 hours a day, with a daily processing capacity of 200 tons. It has been running safely and stably for 2 years.


Zhejiang Kaipu Technology has always been adhering to the corporate vision of "global agricultural product commercialization technology and equipment leader", focusing on technology research and development and equipment production of "internal and external quality optimization of agricultural products". As the technology leader of "internal and external quality inspection" in the domestic fruit and vegetable field, the company not only has absolute competitive advantages in the quality optimization equipment for small fruits, but also in the quality optimization equipment for large and medium fruits. Expect.




Zhejiang Kaipu Technology would like to sincerely thank high-quality customers such as "Xinjiang Yeheyuan Fruit Industry Co., Ltd." who have been supporting and encouraging us over the years, for providing us with a lot of demand information from the front line of the market. While deepening the research direction, it also It has strengthened our strategic confidence in "commodification of agricultural products".

The road ahead is long and long, and we look forward to meeting you on the road ahead, and we look forward to working together to contribute a little bit to China's road to common prosperity.

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