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The lychee farmers here are amazing. They grow "future orchards" on their mobile phones

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Right now is a good season for lychees to be harvested, and lychees are delicious, but trees are difficult to plant. New farmers use high-tech methods to grow lychees on their mobile phones. In Lingshan, Guangxi, "the hometown of lychees in China", there are not only ancient lychee trees with thousands of years, but also a lychee tree with 19 different varieties including Guiwei and Feizixiao. The high-quality seedlings cultivated by agricultural experts will be distributed to growers. , from the source to help farmers increase income.

In order to better implement standardized production, "Future Orchard" has a customized digital production system.

In addition to the "mobile laboratory" spore meter, the orchard is also equipped with light-repellent green pest control equipment, land moisture meter, weather meter, insect lamp, agricultural live broadcast monitoring ball machine and other equipment to collect weather, soil data, images in real time and upload them to the cloud. 

New farmers can view the situation of the park and corresponding analysis suggestions on their mobile phones, and they can perform corresponding operations with the touch of a finger. For example, by controlling the integrated intelligent control system of water and fertilizer, one person can manage the watering and fertilization of hundreds of acres of orchards, and let the lychee trees "eat on time".

Collect big data of agricultural production through digital means, analyze the reasons behind the "big and small years" of litchi production, and solve the problem of unstable income for farmers. Connecting to the orchard is also an intelligent public origin warehouse, intelligent and refined sorting and grading, cold chain "connecting to the ground" and logistics "one network", realizing the digitalization of the whole link of "production, supply and marketing" of Lingshan lychee, and connecting to the large national market. The project currently covers more than 50,000 farmer households, and the average annual income of more than 2,100 key farmer households connected through the origin warehouse is 50,000 yuan. (Reprinted by CCTV News)

Attached is the video of Guangxi Lingshan Litchi Digital Industrial Park jointly built by Zhejiang Kaipu Technology and Alibaba Cainiao Technology

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