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The era of fine loquats is coming

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It is another year of green trees and shades of summer, and the banks of the Jinsha River in Yongshan County, Yunnan Province, where the fragrance of all kinds of fruits is full of excitement. It turned out that the launching ceremony of the intelligent sorting of special fruits in Yongshan County was held in the county industrial park.

Chen Jie, Secretary of the County Party Committee, Xu Chengjian, Director of the Standing Committee of the County People's Congress, Zeng Guocai, Chairman of the County Political Consultative Conference, and leaders at the county level of Cai Shouyi, Xiao Yunfeng, Ding Yongshuai, and Cao Ping attended the launching ceremony and visited the production line.

This is the first free-fruit drag-type loquat sorting line in China produced by Zhejiang Kaipu Technology Co., Ltd., which can accurately detect the size, shape, color and sugar content of loquats. The equipment adopts advanced visual inspection technology and infrared inspection technology, and according to the industry's quality requirements and standards, the loquats are finely sorted into 12 grades, which are respectively exported from the corresponding 12 outlets, so that each loquat has its own "" Home", so that buyers of various brand channels can receive loquats that meet their quality requirements. It can not only meet the needs of customers, but also achieve high quality and good price, and also improve the income of fruit farmers.

It is reported that up to now, Yongshan County has planted 180,000 mu of special fruits such as loquats and citrus. For a long time, fruits were mainly sorted manually, the quality standards were not uniform, and the prices were not up. In order to extend the industrial chain, increase the added value, and build a high-quality fruit brand, Yongshan has introduced modern agricultural industry development projects through investment promotion. Construction of 8 intelligent fruit selection lines and other projects, as well as other business services.

According to Li Li, chairman of Yongshan Wumeng Jinsha Agricultural Investment and Development Co., Ltd., 20 people can only complete about 0.2 tons of fruit in one hour, but the fruit selection line can reach 0.6 tons in one hour, which greatly speeds up the fruit selection process. The selection and selection of the industry. Xia Bin, head of the Economic Work Station of Yongshan County Agricultural and Rural Bureau, said: "The completion of this sorting line has made Yongshan a solid step in building a special fruit gold industry, a gold brand, and a golden fruit, which marks the development of Yongshan. The characteristic quality fruit industry base has embarked on a new journey, and Yongshan has taken a new step in the unified quality standard of characteristic fruit, laying a solid foundation for quality standards and brand unity. The era of high-quality loquat has arrived!”

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