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Low temperature and normal temperature dryer


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Low temperature and normal temperature automatic dryer can realize continuous low temperature and normal temperature drying of fruit and vegetable materials, high-end seafood, high-end Chinese herbal medicine and high-end health food, reduce the loss of nutrients caused by drying and water loss process, reduce drying energy consumption, and maintain the original characteristics, flavor and nutrition of high-end materials.

Energy saving: Use air circulation to dehumidify material can effectively save heat energy. Make a good seal to prevent heat loss;

Food safety: The on-line cleaning device can completely clean the positive and negative sides of the chain plate, including the groove between the reverse side and the piercing rod. After cleaning , sterilize the chain plate with ultraviolet sterilization device, which can ensure the food safety of the conveying chain plate;

Equipment stability: The returning air design can filter and prevent impurities into the radiator or fan;

Energy saving: Make the good seal prevent heat or cold loss.




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