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Kiwi Fruit Intelligent Sorting Solution

Our kiwi fruit intelligent sorting line is to sort the kiwi fruit by weight, appearance, shape, color and sugar, more comprehensive and accurate, improve the quality of products, replace manual operation, effectively reduce costs and enhance market competitiveness.
High precision weighing sensor, stable weighing mechanism
Adopt high precision and high speed camera to detect the fruit size and color
It can detect sugar acidity, sugar heart and mildew heart
Defect by deep learning, high detection accuracy
Adopt special laser light source to realize the sorting of fruit and vegetable surface
Adopt anti-collision fruit tray, fruit drop buffer device and equipment transition buffer to reduce injured rate.

Technical parameter:



Sorting type

Weight, color, sugar degree, hardness

Operation interface

Switching between Chinese and English




Can be customized

Outlet quantities

Can be customized

Sorting size range


Sorting weight range

Less than 1kg

Number of grades

Can be customized 

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