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Kaipu free fruit tray-type intelligent sorting system leads the quality upgrade of red beauty citrus

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Hongmeiren is a tangerine-orange hybrid. The female parent is Nanxiang and the male parent is Amakusa. The fruit surface is thick orange, the pulp is excellent in slag, high-sugar and high-quality, with a sweet orange-like aroma, and is known as the "noble" in the citrus world.

The free fruit tray-type intelligent fruit quality sorting system developed by Kaipu Technology can accurately obtain information such as fruit weight, size, appearance, sugar acidity, etc., and assist in the inspection and classification of the internal and external quality of red beauty citrus.

Free Fruit Tray Delivery


The system uses a free fruit tray conveying design, placing each fruit in an independent flexible tray to ensure that the fruit is not damaged by the outside world during transportation to the greatest extent.

Internal and External Quality Inspection


The system can perform on-line non-destructive testing of many internal and external quality indicators of Hongmeiren to ensure the quality of the fruit to the greatest extent.


For external quality, fruit size and external defects can be detected and sorted.


For internal quality, fruit sugar content and acidity can be detected and sorted.

Intelligent Grading System


The intelligent grading system can summarize various information on the internal and external quality of the fruit, and conduct intelligent grading according to the grading standard set by the user, improve the added value of the fruit, and maximize the value of each red beauty fruit.

Fruit Tray Reflux


The system is also equipped with an automatic fruit tray return device, which is convenient for subsequent fruit loading detection and reduces labor costs.

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