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Kaipu Science and Technology Research Project was selected into Zhejiang Province's "Leading Geese" Program!

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Zhejiang Province's "Leading Geese" R&D Program is set up by provincial financial funds. It faces the frontiers of science and technology in the world, the main economic battlefield, the country and Zhejiang's major needs, and people's lives and health. In accordance with the principle of "long-term deployment and systematic advancement", from Starting from the existing advantages and potential advantages, in the field of agriculture, focus on carrying out scientific and technological plans for research activities such as green ecological planting and breeding, agricultural product processing and fresh-keeping logistics, agricultural bio-manufacturing, and modern agricultural mechanization.


In July 2021, in order to thoroughly implement the two list tackling tasks of "compelling basic research with applied research and leading applied research with basic research", Zhejiang Province will comprehensively implement "revealing the list and taking command", speed up the overcoming of a number of key core technologies, and strengthen technology Self-reliance and self-improvement, support the construction of high-level innovative provinces and strong science and technology provinces, give full play to the supporting and leading role of scientific and technological innovation in high-quality development and construction of common prosperity demonstration areas, and start the 2022 "Top Soldiers" and "Leading Geese" R&D Program Project Application Work.


Aiming at the two weak links in mechanized production of watermelon mechanized harvesting and post-production commercialization in Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang Kaipu Technology Co., Ltd., as the project undertaker, fully relies on Zhejiang University's Intelligent Bio-Industry Equipment Innovation Team (IBE) and the company itself in the post-production of fruits and vegetables. The research foundation and product creation ability accumulated in the direction of commercialization processing technology and intelligent detection and sorting equipment, and cooperated with Zhejiang University of Technology to jointly apply for the scientific research project of "Watermelon Efficient Mechanized Harvesting and Origin Processing Equipment". Competitive allocation procedures such as review, comprehensive evaluation, and collective decision-making were successfully unveiled and selected for the provincial "Leading Geese" plan! The total project cost is 25 million yuan (including self-raised funds by the enterprise).




According to the goals and tasks of the project, the three key issues, such as low efficiency of mechanized harvesting of watermelon in the field, difficult internal quality inspection of watermelon with large size and thick skin, and robot directional feeding and automatic packaging, will be realized through the profiling design surrounding the picking end effector. It has a firm grip, good size adaptability, and can keep the handle for quick cutting; the apparent density detection technology of the multi-angle imaging system is integrated with acoustic, optical and other multi-sensing information, breaking through the sugar content, maturity, hollowness and separation of large-sized thick-skinned watermelons. On-line non-destructive testing of key internal quality and internal defects such as seeds and crystal diseases; and research and development of watermelon high-efficiency mechanized harvesting equipment and post-harvest commercialized intelligent processing sets, establish application demonstration bases, and realize "strengthening agriculture with science and technology and strengthening machinery" for Zhejiang Province. "Agriculture" and high-quality development of agriculture provide strong technical equipment support.


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