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It's time to ride the wind and waves, hang the sails straight to the sea

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       On the morning of November 9th, the 14th Asian Fruit and Vegetable Industry Expo, hosted by China Fruit Circulation Association and iFresh Asia Fruit Association, officially opened. The bright stars that gather the whole industry chain of Asian fruits and vegetables are lit up.


       Affected by the recent epidemic, some pavilions and exhibitors have not been able to travel as scheduled, the scale of the exhibition has been reduced, and the number of participants is less than 70% of last year. However, this exhibition still brought together many high-quality suppliers from fruit and vegetable production areas and advanced technical service providers including "Kaipu Technology".


      As the leader of China's agricultural product commercialization technology and equipment, Zhejiang Kaipu Technology Co., Ltd. is participating in this exhibition to embark on a "new journey" with "new image" and "new products". Full of wisdom and technology blue, in the entire exhibition, it can be said that "beautiful does not compete for spring, only to report spring."



       2021 will be a series of happy events for "Kaipu Technology". In July, not long after the company's headquarters moved to a new house of 3,200 square meters, there was another good news that the 300th sorting line was successfully delivered and the Sichuan Meishan base was successfully opened.



        The four products of free fruit tray and roller fruit tray launched in this exhibition are embedded with the latest research and development results of the IBE team of Zhejiang University. The advanced fruit sorting technology has also become the industry leader in one fell swoop.




       At this exhibition, Mr. Li Lin, chairman and general manager, said in an interview with a CCTV reporter: The level of post-harvest preservation and commercialization of fruits and vegetables has been at a low level in China for a long time, which has deeply affected the healthy development of the fruit and vegetable industry. . After years of hard work, "Kaipu Technology" has accumulated rich experience and resources. Under the national strategy of rural revitalization and industrial revitalization, the fruit and vegetable industry has ushered in new development opportunities. Therefore, "Kaipu Technology" will keep abreast of the pulse of the times, always pay attention to the dynamics and development pain points of the frontier of the industry, and work with friends and businessmen to jointly promote the healthy development of the industry.


        During the conversation with Ye Zhengwen, director of the Forestry and Fruit Tree Research Institute of Shanghai Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Mr. Zhou Huijuan, and Mr. Xu Huirong from the IBE team of Zhejiang University, Mr. Li Lin learned from the good environment for domestic industry development, the advantages of industry projects and the transformation of scientific research results. In these three aspects, in-depth exchanges and discussions were conducted with teachers. At the same time, the three teachers also actively offered advice and suggestions to improve the operational efficiency of "production, learning and research" cooperation from different starting points.




       When communicating with Chairman Wu Jingchun, a leader in the tomato planting industry and the founder of "Wo Xiaofan", he talked about his future plans and goals. are his dreams and goals. After hearing this, Chairman Li Lin immediately expressed his willingness to solidly promote various service work. In order to help "Wo Xiaofan" realize its dream as soon as possible, and at the same time to achieve the cooperation goal of common development, "Kaipu Technology" is willing to help each other and cooperate with "Wo Xiaofan". Xiaofan" work together.



      After three days of hectic activity, the time has passed like a white horse. The 14th Fruit and Vegetable Industry Expo has come to an end in the dark. The meeting has not yet been said to be happy, and in the blink of an eye, they have already gone their separate ways.

"Kaipu Technology" wishes all the old and new friends, business is booming and good health. I wish the motherland would be great and prosperous. Under her blessing, we can "choose one thing for the rest of our lives" and contribute our life-long energy to the commercialization of agricultural products for 800 million farmers and friends.


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