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Dates Intelligent Sorting Solution

Dates intelligence sorting solution can be suitable for sorting Palm dates, dates and cherry tomatoes. It can sort Palm dates, dates or cherry tomatoes according to size, shape, color, and surface defects (yellow skin, date, worm-eaten, bird pecking, damage, mildew, crack, blackhead). The sorting system using machine vision+ laser way to sort fruit. It can use deep learning technology to self-learning product standards, which can make the standard adjustment after variety change more conveniently, reduce equipment operation and maintenance difficulties. The average pass rate is over 95%, according the size and shape, and the average pass rate is over 85% according to defect.

Dates in the camera area must ensure effective rolling and rotation, which can be evenly selected 4 groups of photos;

It can automatically count and add up;

Remote management monitoring system, mobile phone monitoring system. We can monitor the equipment operation, capacity and other related data in the management of computers and mobile phones ;

Remote fault assistance processing system (set up safety management authority), such as program failure, which can make manufacturer soft engineer in the background to quickly diagnose and solve problems of customer in the workshop site, improve the efficiency of fault handling, shorten affecting production times;

Technical parameter:


Technical parameter

Main machine installed power


Compressed air consumption


Grades outlet quantities

8 outlets which can designed by customers’ requirement

Lane quantities

6 lanes

Function module

Long diameter, waist diameter, surface area, color, rips

Color and rips sorting pass rate


Effective capacity


Working voltage


Control type

PLC control, touch screen operation

Designed with voltage mutations(thunder)

Shutdown protection

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