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Citrus fruits integrated processing line


Product Description

Citrus fruits integrated processing line

Citrus fruits processing line flow chart

citrus juice processing flow chart


It can process citrus fruits such as orange, lemon, etc;

Various juice extracting mode: full fruit or cut half;

According to the different needs of customers for products, we can provide various production line;

Easy to operate, full automation;

Including CIP system, conform to the cleanliness and hygiene specifications of the food factory.

Technical parameter

Raw material

Fresh orange, satsuma, lemon and other citrus fruits

Finished products

NFC citrus juice, concentrated citrus juice, citrus pulp, peel oil, citrus dried fruit slag and other products

Capacity(calculated as raw material)


Juice yield


Soluble solid content


Finished products

Sterile big bag / BIB / glass bottle / PET bottle / roof-shaped pack, etc.