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Betel Nut Intelligent Sorting Solution

According to the size and grain of betel nut, and the requirements of different manufacturers, it can give a set of customized areca seed sorting standards. The areca seed sorting system adopts machine vision+ laser+ near infrared to sort the areca according to the size, grain and internal flaw detection standard. It can calculate the size and grain of betel nut . The average qualified rate of sorting machine is over 95%. There are mature algorithms to solve the problem of identification of long stem betel nut and flower pedicle betel nut, which effectively improves the product quality.

Intelligent automation, completely replace labor, effectively improve production efficiency
Multi-lanes setting to meet high energy requirement
High-precision sorting of features such as size, strip, grain,color,surface defects
Reliable after-sales service, free software upgrade for life

Technical parameter:


Technical parameter




Average weight of a single betel nut is calculated of 5g, four lanes

Effective single lane capacity(pcs/s)



Sorting accuracy %



Grain recognition function



Bare head recognition function



Outlet quantities



Number of works

Total 2 workers, 1 worker for feeding material, 1 worker for collecting material


Environmental protection

Special design of negative pressure dust removal system


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