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Automatic chain plate energy conservation drying machine


Product Description

It is suitable for Palm dates, dates, betel nut, tomato, walnut, chestnut, Chinese torreya, Macadamia nut,  Cashew, almond, pine nut, etc.


Automatic chain plate energy saving drying equipment can realize continuous, energy saving and intelligent drying.

Drying system automatic inlet, automatic outlet, automatic temperature control, automatic moisture control, automatic control time;

The flip-plate conveying structure can realize the upper and lower layers of the conveyor belt, saving space, reducing heat dissipation, quick and convenient maintenance;

Design a patent waste heat recovery system;

Special design of circulating air network system, efficient use of heat sources;

CIP automatic cleaning mechanism to ensure food hygiene;

Circulating air filtering module filter dust and impurities, environmental hygiene;

Automatic refueling system, more simple maintenance; drying product quality uniform;

Drying process key data automatic record, generate reports, traceability;

Multi-fold anti-clamping measures to ensure operational stability;

A variety of alarms to ensure the safety of equipment, operators and materials during drying.


Technical parameter


Common mesh chain dryer

New type dryer





Initial material moisture 42~48%, dried material moisture 28%~31%(calculated as areca)

Quality uniformity

More than 70% final product moisture is less than 3%

More than 80% final product is less than 2%

Difference between max and min values for three samples from the same cans

Steam consumption(kg/h/set)



Steam flow meter actual result

Power consumption(kw/h/set)



Electricity actual result

Food hygiene

Without on-line washing

With on-line washing

Maintenance convenient

Refueling by manual, replace mesh chain complicated

Automatically refueling, replace mesh chain conveniently

Environment protection

Exhaust air of moisture without initial filter

Exhaust air from circuiting air fan with initial filter

Energy-saving device

Without waste heat recovery

With waste heat recovery