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Amidst the green hills and green waters, leisurely see "Intelligent Manufacturing"

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Relying on Lin’an Qingshan Lake Science and Technology City, in the 3.17 square kilometer cloud manufacturing town, maker companies, scientific research institutes and equipment manufacturing giants adjacent to the town are interacting with a certain kind of “chemical reaction” with great capabilities. An intelligent manufacturing ecosystem that is linked by academic research is being built.

"The story in the small town is exciting and exciting." Speaking of the cloud manufacturing town, Yu Linbo, director of the Qingshan Lake Science and Technology City Management Committee, is a treasurer. The dream of'intelligent manufacturing' promotes industrial transformation and upgrading."

 "Dancing" with smart machines

When the machine fails, it obtains replacement parts from other waste materials; when it senses danger, it can promptly warn... It is the dream of many people to have the "robot" Wali in the movie "Robots". In the cloud manufacturing town, there is such a group of "dreamers" who "dance" with robots all day long and continuously expand the functions of robots.

kepler Technology's leader Li Lin is one of them. The two warehouses at No. 89, Chuangye Street, Cloud Manufacturing Town are the "dancing field" for Li Lin and his robots.

"We only do the core control software, and the hardware manufacturing and assembly are done by the partners." Li Lin told reporters that the control software is the brain and cerebellum of the robot. In this simple warehouse, Li Lins "filled" software into the machines, giving them a "soul".

In January this year, the flexible robot developed by Kaipu Technology was officially put into production, becoming one of the few domestic companies that can commercialize flexible robots. The advantage of a flexible robot is that even if the product and production line are updated, as long as the robot's software and hardware are appropriately adjusted, it can still adapt to the new production process. "Flexible robots can better adapt to the current pace of rapid replacement of consumer products, and at the same time greatly reduce the cost of enterprises." Li Lin said.

"We want to produce good and affordable robots for Chinese companies." Li Lin told reporters that due to the high cost, many Chinese companies can't afford robots. "Our horizontal articulated arm robots have the same performance as foreign products. The price is only 30% of theirs." According to Li Lin's estimate, Kaipu Technology's revenue this year will reach 50 million yuan.

In the Science and Technology Building across the street from Kaipu Technology, the small town star enterprise Enda Shifu has recently made new moves. Two unmanned and lampless model production lines built by it will be unveiled in the first half of this year. In the future, even if the workshop is dark, the production will continue as usual.

At present, 107 capable and ambitious technological entrepreneurial innovation projects such as Kaipu Technology and Enda Shifu have settled in the cloud manufacturing town, and they have ignited the vitality of the town. Along Dayuan Road, the town will build a "creative city", "smart valley" and "cloud village" from south to north.

"Win-win" with equipment giants

The unique advantage of Cloud Manufacturing Town is that it is adjacent to the leading enterprises in the equipment manufacturing industry. In the Qingshan Lake Science and Technology City, Hangcha, Hangyang, Wanma, Xizi and other influential equipment industry enterprises have strong demand for intelligent upgrading and transformation.

Every day, Hangcha Group has a large number of forklifts that need to be loaded and shipped. How to accurately find the forklifts needed in the warehouse has become a "pain point" for Hangcha.

First of all, accurate indoor positioning itself is difficult and requires high accuracy; secondly, the position of the forklift in our warehouse is not fixed and needs to be moved frequently.” Ren Haihua, director of the General Management Department of Hangcha Group, told reporters that this “pain point” "It has been bothering them for a long time.

With the help of the Qingshan Lake Science and Technology City Management Committee, Fang Ji, the assistant to the director of the Institute of Industrial Internet of Things under the Zhejiang Science and Technology Research Institute of the University of Hong Kong, settled in the cloud manufacturing town, led a team of 5 people. After 9 months of research and development, finally A forklift intelligent positioning system named "Cloud Forklift" was customized for Hangcha Group.

"Using this system, the time to find a forklift is only a few seconds, and only two or three people are needed, which greatly reduces time and labor costs." Fang Ji said.

On March 8, Lai Guoqiang, director of the inventory warehouse of Hangcha Group, took two staff to the warehouse, and another batch of forklifts was about to be loaded and shipped. Lai Guoqiang took out the company's dedicated mobile phone from his pocket, clicked on the "Digital Hangcha" APP, entered the serial number of the forklift truck to be searched, and immediately found the forklift location. The whole process took only a few seconds. This speed was placed before October last year, and Lai Guoqiang couldn't imagine it at all.

Cloud Manufacturing Town gathers 107 science and technology enterprises and 46 scientific research institutes, universities and corporate R&D institutions. They are building a cloud manufacturing ecosystem, allowing modern smart factories to emerge around the town: Hangcha Group Relying on autonomous forklifts to enter the field of smart logistics; the smart charging cloud platform created by Wanma Group can search for electric piles and make appointments for charging with one click; Xizi Elevator is trying to establish a cloud platform for elevator operation and maintenance to monitor the performance of each elevator safe operation……

"Symbiosis" with ecological culture

Opposite the Qingshan Lake Science and Technology City Management Committee, on the other side of Dayuan Road, there is a place that is still blocked by a high fence. This is the 72 hectare Shishan Park, which integrates ecological protection and sports and leisure.

According to reports, after Shishan Park is completed, modern, technological, innovative, ecological and other elements will be perfectly integrated into every path, every tree, and every scene here. In the blueprint of the cloud manufacturing town, Shishan Park has a pivotal position.

 At present, the cloud manufacturing town has introduced 15 academicians, 36 "national thousand" and "provincial thousand" talents, and thousands of entrepreneurial and innovative talents. To retain these high-end talents, the construction of related infrastructure facilities must keep up, so that the cloud manufacturing town truly becomes a living space where the city and the countryside meet, the tradition meets the modernity, and the tension and tranquillity intersect each other. People with a life attitude can find their own shelter and spiritual support here.

Up to now, Shishan Park has invested nearly 90 million yuan. In the second half of this year, Shishan Park will begin to take shape, and it is expected to be fully completed in 2018.

In fact, the cloud manufacturing town has a natural advantage in terms of ecological environment. It is adjacent to the Qingshan Lake National Forest Park, with a unique water forest landscape, and there are real stories about King Qian.

Especially on October 15, 2015, the 42.195-kilometer-long Qingshan Lake Greenway with a total investment of 1.08 billion yuan was built. The citizens can get closer to the Qingshan Lake and enjoy the nature. All works will be completed before the end of 2018.

At present, the cloud manufacturing town is moving towards the goal of a 3A scenic spot, speeding up the upgrading and transformation of Dayuan Road and the construction of entrepreneurship squares, Shishan Park, etc., and making every effort to create a first-class ecological environment and a first-class innovation and entrepreneurship system, so that the town’s urban supporting facilities Improving day by day.

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