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120,000 mu of Yinhong Li competes for "fresh" listing

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Half purple, half green. In the midsummer season, the fragrant plums are popular on both sides of the Jinjiang River, and the 120,000 mu Yinhong plums in Pingshan County are gradually entering the mature stage, striving for "fresh" listings, opening up the sweetness of summer for you


Fresh and delicious Pingshan Yinhong plums are on the market one after another

"Plum buns are delicious. If you don't believe me, try them first." Jiang Kewu, a grower in Jinping Village, Jinping Township, Pingshan County, is over seventy years old, and he is still in high spirits recently. The 17 acres of Yinhong plums he planted have been listed one after another, and there is an endless stream of merchants from all over the country, making him very busy. In the orchard, the lustrous yinhong plums hang on the branches, making people drool. The enthusiastic Jiang Kewu always let customers taste it before placing the order, and he is sincere.


Yinhong plums planted by Jiang Kewu (left)

Long Xianhong, President of Pingshan County E-Commerce Association, introduced that in order to ensure the quality of Yinhong plums, Pingshan County established Yinhong Li Smart Industrial Park in June this year, and introduced the advanced Yinhong plum production line developed and produced by Zhejiang Kaipu Technology Co., Ltd. Smart system. Fresh Yinhong plums will be graded and packaged according to the size, sugar content, appearance and color of the fruit after being picked. The Yinhong plums processed by the sorting system are divided into super-grade fruit, first-grade fruit and second-grade fruit. Among them, the weight of the super fruit exceeds 40 grams, the weight of the first grade fruit is 33~39 grams, the weight of the second grade fruit is 25~32 grams, and the sugar content is more than 12 degrees.


At present, the sorting line of Zhejiang Kaipu Technology Co., Ltd. can process 70 tons of Yinhong plums per day. Long Xianhong introduced that tiered sales can satisfy different consumer groups. This year, the sales price of special-grade fruit is 15 yuan/catties, the price of first-class fruit is 8 yuan/catties, and the price of ordinary fruit is 6 yuan/catties.


"Yinhong plums must be 70% ripe before they can be picked." Mou Yuzhong, a grower in Jinping Township, Pingshan County, introduced that he has 15 acres of Yinhong plums. Due to the difference in altitude, it will take a week before they are listed. It is understood that in recent years, Pingshan County has issued a guideline for picking Yinhong plums, and fruit farmers are actively abiding by the relevant regulations to ensure that the appearance and taste of the picked Yinhong plums are in the best condition.


Yinhong plums planted by grower Mu Yuzhong

In recent years, Pingshan County has implemented the transformation and standardized production of the whole industry chain of Yinhong plums, and the quality of Yinhong plums has been greatly improved. Shu Shiping, director of the Agriculture and Rural Affairs Bureau of Pingshan County, introduced that this year, Pingshan County invested 6 million yuan in east-west cooperation funds to build a 10,000-mu high-standard base by Pingshan County Shanhaiqing Cooperative, and then drive 120,000 mu of Yinhong Li through the 10,000-mu high-standard base. high-quality development. Director Shu said that the county agriculture and rural bureau will continue to pay close attention to quality, achieve high quality and high price through sorting, effectively increase the income of fruit farmers, help rural revitalization, and achieve common prosperity.

Attached is the video of Zhejiang Kaipu Technology's plum intelligent sorting line in Qianwei, Suijiang and Pingshan. Friends in need are welcome to visit the Kaipu customer site.

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